Saturday, June 30, 2012

CONCERT | Evanescence Live in Beirut, Lebanon | 2012

“Do what you what you want, if you have a dream for better” was how Amy lee brought the stage to life. We all jumped to our feet, times because the adrenaline was too much to contain, and other times because the adrenaline was too much to contain for the people a row in front of us.

Amy Lee Rocking Beirut | Photography by Mix FM Lebanon

The audience was terrific, soulful, like finally reuniting with a lover after years of separation. And those vibes were not lost on Amy Lee who tweeted our passion to her followers.

And like a lover's quarrel, we would chant “A-MY-LEE”
and she would chant back “LE-BA-NON”

The Patient Wait | Photography by Mix FM Lebanon
Tweeting the Love | @AmyLeeEV

She sang from her latest album titled after the name of the band, Evanescence:
What You Want | My Heart is Broken | The Other Side | Swimming Home | Sick | Lost in Paradise | The Change

The Latest Album | available in iTunes
During the Performance | Photography by 247square

And some from her older albums:
Made of Stone | Call me When You're Sober | Imaginary | Weight of the World | Whisper

And of course her all-time classics that the whole are up-roared in singing along:
Going Under | My Immortal | Bring me to Life | Lithium

My Immortal Live | Video taken by NaderChalhoub1994

Bring Me to Life Live | Video taken by Wael Hazimeh

The whole mood was of magic potions and stardust, her voice a chant too sweet, a melody of unspoken truths.

Technician for Sound Check | Photography by Mix FM

The concert was held at Waterfront Beirut, the outdoor stage adding momentum to a night fueled with longing.

During Performance | Photography by Mix FM

And just as it started, it all ended, quenching one thirst and making another, an unrelenting drug.

“I never thought we'd make it half-way around the world and find friends, thank you”

Dearest Amy Lee, come back soon.
Save us the long-distance withdrawal.

247square, Beirut


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