Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For a Merry Accessible Christmas

Old magazines, used bottles, tins, and many newspapers were in piles a few weeks before Christmas. 247square aimed at transforming what was once trash to joyful Christmas decorations.

straws wraps, plastic bottles, and leftover wool
straws wraps and bottle labels are transformed into the above decorations

The idea behind it was to reflect on the birth (and life) of Jesus to produce decorations that are within that spirit. The message is one of love and peace regardless of class, ethnicity, and even religion. 
So we wanted to make the decorations as accessible as we can to the public, and made everything out of recycled materials to show how the beautiful can come out of common daily material.

a flower out of plastic bottles

We took some of those decorations indoors, mainly at AUB Bechtel Building and Cafe Ta Marbouta. The rest of the decorations were plastered around the streets of Hamra. 

247square Christmas decorations at Ta2 Marbouta

Unfortunately, for whatever unbeknownst reason, the decorations disappeared the next day. Within less than 24 hours, they were gone. Who and why, we do not know, but the joy in the voice of the passerby’s who were complimenting the project was more than enough to make our project worthwhile.

boxes, newspapers | decorations around Hamra, Beirut

tins (cocacola, mirenda, pepsi, sevenup) | decorations around Hamra, Beirut

magazines, old books and papers | decorations around Hamra, Beirut

Merry Christmas everyone

Project Organizer: Anastasia Matar
Project Members:  
research and ideas: Anastasia Matar, Alaa Kabalan 
sketching and experimentation: Saba Sadr, AyaKrisht, Anastasia Matar, Alaa Kabalan, helped by Elizabeth Matar, Zeina Shaaban, Maria Mouteirek, Layla Smaili 
mass productions: Alaa Kabalan, Shahine Kabalan, Wafaa Safi, Ramy Kabalan, Anastasia Matar, Saba Sadr, Aya Krisht, Zeina Shaaban.
finalizing and hanging: Alaa Kabalan, Saba Sadr, Zeina Shaaban, Anastasia Matar

A wonderful shoutout to the glorious Majida el-Roumi, whose music we used in our video, for her retweeting our Christmas sentiments.

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