Monday, May 13, 2013

WORKSHOP | Stop-Motion Animation | LATC 2013

It was hosted by LATC (Lebanese Armenian Technical College, at Arax Street, Sophia Hagopian College, Burj Hammud), on Saturday, 27 April 2013, gave birth to my first experience at giving a public workshop.

What mostly worried me was the attendees' age. Expecting kids or teenagers, I soon realized that they were all almost my age, if not older. The lame jokes I prepared suddenly felt lamer when I said them in the workshop – the half I remembered, anyway. But the intensity and pressure didn't last long, and faded with the attendees' introductions. They all had a passion or a reason to know more about animation. From different backgrounds and with different interests (the audio visual student, the aspiring designer, the special effects fan, the actor, the web designer…), they knew what they were expecting.

clay character by Melkon Babeyan and Njteh Meqerdichian

The workshop started with a lecture defining animation as an illusion of motion. Stop motion, the main purpose behind the workshop, was the act of moving an immobile object or element or person… one increment at a time, one picture at a time (then repeating this over and over again for hours and hours).

After that, we covered a few basics. From keyframes, to anticipation, to overlapping actions, we learned about the principles of the walk and lip-syncing, watched a few excerpts from famous animation movies (and some of their making-of) (Coraline, ParaNorman, Corpse Bride…), a stop-motion ad shot with a Mobile phone (Gulp shot with 3 Nokia N8), a music video made with pixelation (Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie)… We even had a look at frame by frame drawn animations (example: Alice in Wonderland).

We concluded the workshop with applying what we briefly learned in the lecture. In our first animation, we threw Omar Talhouk out of his chair. Lots of fun for us, an extremely painful process for him.

After that, they divided themselves into groups of two, and each worked on their own animation idea using clay (claymation). Check out their beautiful results:

1- “Banana Revolution” animation by Vahan Yian and Joe Sahakian

2- “She” animation by Omar Talhouk and Shoghag Ohannessian

3- “7ayalla” animation by Melkon Babeyan and Njteh Meqerdichian

4- “Lord of the Rings” animation by Maria Bakkalian and Hagop Tashjian

workshop by Alaa Kabalan
post edited by Zeina Shaaban

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