Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The dark lords invaded Hamra last Halloween | 2012

Last year we had no Halloween costumes on. We were just four designers carrying four illustration cut-outs and a few cans of neon spray. We walked the dark alleys of Hamra, Jean d'Arc, Bliss, Abdel Aziz… and sprayed our creatures of the night on the walls, sidewalks, and any immobile or even mobile object we came across.

Aya Krisht drew grim reaper and a vampire bat, and she still wished you a Happy Halloween.

Anastasia Matar drew a skull out of the sentence "يا ماما" (which translates to "oh mama").

Mira Mortada, who came for a few days to Lebanon from Dubai, had a silhouette of a be-witched cat in front of a full moon.

Alaa Kabalan was tagging along to help out or maybe spray his hands with Silver?

Check out below a selection of images documenting the different illustrated creatures and us invading Hamra and other Beirut streets. You can also check the full album on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween

What are your plans for this Halloween? Share with us your illustrations, designs, costumes... Maybe we can highlight them in a future post.

Monday, October 14, 2013

معايدات عيد الاضحى من مصممين حول العالم

في العام الماضي، اجتمعنا في ساحة ٢٤٧ (247square) وقمنا بتصميم عدد من البطاقات وزعناها على محلات الحلى والقهاوي في بيروت وسائر لبنان. (في هذا الرابط المزيد من التفاصيل http://blog.247square.com/2013/10/paraposal-short-film-for-beirut-48-hour.html)  ما زال لدينا بضعة بطاقات لمن يحب ان نرسل له معايداتنا.

اما في هذا العام، نعرض لكم مجموعة تصاميم لمبدعين من حول العالم. شاركونا تصاميمكم للاضحى انتم ايضاً.

بطاقات معايدة للاضحى (Adha greeting cards)

في المناسبات، يبدع الكثيرون في تصاميم للترويج الذاتي (self promotional designs)، لا يلتزمون فيها بقيود الزبائن، حتى ولو في كثير من الاحيان كان عليهم الالتزام بقيود علامتهم وهويتهم التجارية (their own branding and identity)

ارابيسك (arabesque) او زخرفة عربية

هذه البطاقة هي من تصميم نتوف، مؤسسة انشأتها مريم بن نتوف عام ٢٠٠٧ بلورةً لشغفها بالرسم وحبها للابداع.

حج مبرور وسعي مشكور

هذا ما شاركته دار هيا (Haya Design) للتصاميم الجرافيكية المطبوعة والرقمية من قلب جدة، في المملكة العربية السعودية، لمتتبعي صفحتها على الفيسبوك.

يا ترى ما الذي تحضّره لهذا العام؟

اضحى مبارك من كشيدة

كشيدة (Kashida design) بدورها شاركت متتبعيها ومحبي منتجاتها، هذه البطاقة للمعايدة بالاضحى.

بطاقة معايدة، فنجان، رزنامة وكيس للهدايا

مجموعة مستوحاة من الاضحى صممتها ريما الغفيلي. اقرأ المزيد هنا.

تصاميم فكاهية من وحي العيد (Adha humour)

لا يخلو اي عيد من جو المرح. وهنا بعض التصاميم التي ابتغى مصمموها اضفاء روح الفكاهة في معايدات الاضحى.

عيد مبارك من النينجا

محمد نجم الرحمن، مصمم علم نفسه بنفسه. يهتم في مجال التصاميم الرقمية، وحالياً يعمل في مجال تصميم الالعاب الالكترونية.

خطة الهروب لهذا العام

Deek-MantooF هو اسمه على DeviantArt. يهوى الرسم ويملك روح الفكاهة. لمناسبة عيد الاضحى، البس الخروف زى الخنزير للتمويه، فمحرم على المسلمين اكل لحم الخنزير، وهكذا ينجو من الذبح.

لا تنسو مشاركتنا تصاميمكم لهذا العيد او لاي مناسبة اخرى.

 لمن لا يعرف ما هو الاضحى

اليوم يوافق ١٠ ذو الحجة، آخر ايام الحج واول ايام عيد الاضحى، يوم النحر، العيد الكبير، عيد القربان... مهما كانت تسميته، تبقى المناسبة واحدة. هو عيد ديني اسلامي ولكن قصته وبداياته تتفق عليها الاديان السماوية الاخرى، ان كانت اليهودية ام المسيحية.
ففي هذا اليوم، أراد ابراهيم عليه السلام التضحية بابنه اسماعيل بناء على طلب الله، قبل ان يأتي نداء من السماء يأمره بذبح كبش أرسل اليه عوضا عن ابنه. وهكذا اصبح تقديم الاضاحي من مناسك الحج.

عيد اضحى مبارك :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paraposal, a short film for the Beirut 48 hour film project | 2013 (3rd edition)

We participated, as #247square, in this year's Beirut 48 hour film project. It is the third edition in this city, and quite the experience for us (it is about time we post about it)

As the name of the competition indicates, all teams had 48 hours to complete their short #film (4 to 7 minutes). 22 teams registered but only 21 made it. Here are the participating teams:

Group A
10 big toes, nour hatem 

3acha3ra, Mike Malajalian

Cinemaniac, paula layoun 

FADE IN: and FRIENDS, Nadia Tabbara 

Farah ALHashim, farah alhashim

Insight, Hasan Noureddine

Mad House Films, Joe Soubaih 

Mad men production, Elie Bassila 

nothing specific, dany fares

Ntgm prod, Fourate Chahal 

Houssam Hariri, OM

Mo Rida, Producer/Director of Operations at The Beirut 48 Hour Film Project, & Nadia Tabbara, director of Once Upon a Clown
image source: https://www.facebook.com/Beirut48HFP
Group B

On the spot, Ziad Salem 

Pixels, Hussein Shaalan 

Revolution Team, Maher Hasbany 

SandBox Kir, Tarek Chehab

Serendipity, Assaad Thebian 

Test Run, Bassel Fatayri 

The Crew, Alaa Kabalan

The Little Filmmakers, Faisal Attrache 

Tilt-up, Mohammad Madi

Yellow Taste, Selim Mourad

Mindfunk, Tanya Abou-Ghazaly

On Friday June 21 2013, we all gathered at AltCity Hamra. At 6.30 pm, each team got his genre from a hat. At 7:00 pm, we were given the 3 elements to be included in all movies:

the prop: ice-cream

the character: Dani or Dima Mourad, Event Planner

the line of dialogue: Can you please shut your mouth? عمول معروف سدّ بوزك

...and we were released. We were team “The Crew”. Our genre was thriller/suspense. Paraposal, the movie we produced, is about a young man experiencing weird things around his house. This might sound paranormal, but he has the power to end all this. Will he make the call to put his mind at rest? Watch the full video below to find out what happens with him.

directed by Alaa Kabalan
starring Mohammad Shaaban & Rafic Saab
music by Walid Aboul Joud
assistant director Saba Sadr
story by Alaa Kabalan & Mohammad Shaaban
director of photography and editor Alaa Kabalan
produced by 247square productions

We did not win, we did not even make it to the top 10. But it was still totally worth the trial. It was fun; stressful but fun.

Screenings of all the movies were at Metro Al Madina on June 29 and 30. A week after, the judges announced the top 10 movies and named the winners of the different awards:

The winners posing for the Camera | image source: https://www.facebook.com/Beirut48HFP
Best Use of Character [tie] “Once Upon a Clown” by Fade in and Friends & “Dani” by Sandbox Kir
Best Use of Prop [tie]
 “Pigment” by The Little Filmmakers 
& “A Touch” by Cinemaniac
Best Use of Line [tie] 
“Hiek Sar” by Ntgm prod 
"Hua Mish Hua” by Pixels
Best Use of Genre “
Pile ou Face” by 3acha3ra
Most Promising Filmmakers 
“I Scream Salvation” by Mindfunk
Best Costumes 
“Pigment” by The Little Filmmakers
Best Choreography
 “Backstage” by Tilt-Up
Best Special Effects [tie]
 “Backstage” by Tilt-Up & “Alshughal Shughal” by OM & 
“A Touch” by Cinemaniac
Best Sound Design
 “Backstage” by Tilt-Up
Best Musical Score
 “Dani Bou-Maroun” For “Once Upon a Clown”
Best Cinematography
 "Mar Y Sol Blues” by Yellow Taste
Best Editing [tie] 
“Mar Y Sol Blues” by Yellow Taste & 
“Alshughal Shughal” by OM
Best Actor 
“Bassel Madi” for “Once Upon a Clown”
Best Ensemble Acting
 “Mar Y Sol Blues” by Yellow Taste
Best Writing 
“Once Upon a Clown” by Fade in and Friends
Best Directing [tie]
 “Mar Y Sol Blues” by Yellow Taste 
Pigment" by The Little Filmmakers
Second Runner Up for Best Film “
Pigment” by The Little Filmmakers
Runner Up for Best Film 
“Once Upon a Clown” by Fade in and Friends
Best Film
 “Mar Y Sol Blues” by Yellow Taste

48HFP Audience Awards
The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!
Audience Award Winner: Group A 
“Once Upon a Clown” by Fade in and Friends
Audience Award Winner: Group B
 “Hua Mish Hua” by Pixels

The movie that we liked the most, as 247 square, was “Once Upon a Clown”, written and directed by Nadia Tabbara from Fade in Beirut. Check the video below:

Bassel Madi as The Mobster
Nadia Hassan as Deema Murad, event planner
Steve Wakeem as the tourist
Jad Batlouni as the muscle
Rami Saidi as the tech guy

story by the whole cast and crew
produced by Steve Wakeem and Nadia Tabbara
director of photography Nada Ammous
art director Sara Jawad
gaffer Joe Saad
camera assistant Imad Zouain
sound Tarek Souleiman
script supervisor Yasmine Ghorayeb
hair and make up Lama Saab
key production assistant Jessica Araji
editor Omar al Nimer
graphics / colorist Hadi Chatila
original music composed by Danny Bou-Maroun
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