Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The dark lords invaded Hamra last Halloween | 2012

Last year we had no Halloween costumes on. We were just four designers carrying four illustration cut-outs and a few cans of neon spray. We walked the dark alleys of Hamra, Jean d'Arc, Bliss, Abdel Aziz… and sprayed our creatures of the night on the walls, sidewalks, and any immobile or even mobile object we came across.

Aya Krisht drew grim reaper and a vampire bat, and she still wished you a Happy Halloween.

Anastasia Matar drew a skull out of the sentence "يا ماما" (which translates to "oh mama").

Mira Mortada, who came for a few days to Lebanon from Dubai, had a silhouette of a be-witched cat in front of a full moon.

Alaa Kabalan was tagging along to help out or maybe spray his hands with Silver?

Check out below a selection of images documenting the different illustrated creatures and us invading Hamra and other Beirut streets. You can also check the full album on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween

What are your plans for this Halloween? Share with us your illustrations, designs, costumes... Maybe we can highlight them in a future post.


  1. Those are very cool, thanks so much for sharing them! I plan on going to one of my friend's Halloween parties this year as one of my favorite villains, Darth Maul. In order to accurately replicate his look to the best of my ability, I got some colored contacts to make sure that I can make my eyes as cool as his were in the movie.

  2. I love these!!! Are they still there? Where in Hamra can I see them?


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