Thursday, October 30, 2014

5+ Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Sure you can buy a costume for Halloween, or use last year's and save some money. But the real fun is to do it yourself. So here are some ideas:

1. Wintercroft Masks

This is not free, but it is cheap and looks very cool. Designer Steve Wintercroft has a whole series of inexpensive geometric mask templates of animals, skulls, stormtroopers (whatever that is) and faces, that you can download, print, and color, on this page:

Skull Mask

2. Bumblebee transformer

Well, you need a crafty dad to do this. We are not giving you instructions on this; we do not know how, but you can try. What this dad came up with is a big proof that with determination, good motives, and in this case a lot of skill, you can do a better costume than any other found out in the market.

3. Go Cute

Be an instagram star in your cyber and real life. Easy! Screenshot your instagram page, enlarge it, print it, and cut a frame out of it. Voila! you are a walking vintage image :p

instagram halloween costume

4. or Go Scary and zombify yourself

Watch this 13min tutorial of how to become a zombie using makeup.

5. Headless

If you are a kid, or an adult who can't go on all coaster rides, you can easily chop your head off and carry it around. You just have to pop your head out of a fake body taller than yours.

Headless Marie Antoinette

Head in a Jar Costume

6. Be lazy

We need to give him credit. I find this rather creative. Do your remember Wilson from Home Improvement? (Does Tim the Toolman Taylor ring a bell? Wilson was his neighbor whose face is always hidden mainly behind a fence)


Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Women to Remember in our Man-Dominated History on Ada Lovelace Day

The 14th of October marks Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Since the chosen date is claimed to be arbitrary, talking about women's achievements on the 17th should not be a big deal.

Our history is male-dominated - flooded with male figures who have done something, many times done nothing but claimed something anyway. Today we chose the stories of 5 women, among many, who should be a big part of our history.

1. Ada Lovelace

Ada was raised by her mathematics-loving mother, Annabella Milbanke, under a strict regimen of science, logic, and mathematics, making sure she doesn't inherit her father's volatile poetic temperament.

Ada Lovelace, image source:

Since her childhood, she had a love for machines, and later became close friends with the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Charles Babbage. The latter had sketches for the Analytical Engine, a complex device which "was to combine the array of adding gears of his earlier Difference Engine with an elaborate punchcard operating system." The design was never built but it had the "essential elements for a modern computer."

Ada worked on that project and she had the most elaborate and complete sketches of that engine, which gave her the title "the first computer programmer" (and she lived long before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates). The sketches were published in the "Sketch of the Analytical Engine, with Notes from the Translator", and they helped inspire Alan Turing’s work on the first modern computers after almost a century.

2. Dr. Dian Fossey

Fossey founded the Karisoke™ Research Center in Rwanda’s Virungas Mountains in 1967, to protect and study the endangered mountain gorillas, after her first journey to Africa in 1963; she spent her entire life-savings for that.

Dian Fossey, image source:

In 1977, she established the Digit Fund to raise money for gorilla protection, after her favorite gorilla, Digit, was killed by poachers. Dian was murdered a few years later in 1985.

In 1988, a movie was made based on her book, Gorillas in the Mist. Sigourney Weaver played her character, and later became the honorary chairperson of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

3. Sally Ride

Sally double majored in Physics and English at Stanford University. She was a superstar tennis player at college, but what she is famous at is being the first American Woman in space. In 2001, she established a company Sally Ride Science that creates educational programs and products aimed at encouraging the study of Science and Math among girls and young women.

Sally Ride, image source: Nasa


4. Maria Sklodowska

She is known as Marie Curie (Sklodowska is her maiden name). She and her husband Pierre were inspired by Henri Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity in 1896 to isolate polonium (named after Marie's country of birth) and radium. The latter was used to relieve pain, and Marie devoted herself especially during World War I, with the help of her daughter, to this remedial work. In 1929, Marie received a $50000 donation from the American friends of science. The gift was presented by US President Hoover, and she used it to purchase radium for her radioactivity laboratory in her native city, Warsaw.

Marie Curie, image source:

Marie's honorable works are apparent in the various awards she received in science, medicine and law. Among which are a half Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, which she won along with her husband for their "study into the spontaneous radiation discovered by Becquerel," who got the second half. She was also awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, for her work in radioactivity.

5. Maria Telkes

Telkes has a doctrate in physical chemistry from the University of Budapest. She worked there as an instructor, then she spent 12 years working under Dr. George Crile on a series of experiments before they invented "a photoelectric mechanism capable of recording brain waves."

Maria Telkes, image source:

Maria is rather known as an innovator who worked to put the solar energy into use. In 1940, she teamed up with Eleanor Raymond, an architect, where they built the first solar-heated house. She used a chemical that crystallizes and keeps a constant temperature through retaining heat and radiating it back.

Friday, October 10, 2014

An Artist to Follow from Brazil: Lucas Rafael Desenhista

This series of articles is one that sheds light on artists, designers, craftsmen, and the like. It displays their work, shares their concerns and thoughts.

It is our delight to talk about a 247 square facebook fan from Brazil, Lucas Rafael Desenhista

Lucas Rafael Desenhista Self-portrait

Lucas is a painter, sculptor, animator and a teacher. ​Almost innately, he started off at a very early age. ​However, soon thereafter, his mother got sick, and he and his brother had to look for a job to sustain a living for the family. It was easier for his older brother, but Lucas was only 13 then​,​ which was a challenge. Eventually, he managed to find a small job as a tutor at his own school for other students with difficulties.

Self-portrait of Lucas as a kid

Two years later, he watched the movie Titanic. He gets inspired by Jack (played by Leonardo di Caprio) to draw. He made his first official drawing for a friend, and it was little time before he started getting commissions to draw others. 

Espera (the wait)

But peculiarly enough, and despite his remarkable ​perseverance and self-taught skills, ​Lucas still ​has not made​​ it to local exhibitions. ​Every time he applies, they ask him to fill out a form ​asking him to list other exhibitions, ​whether ​he has mentions somewhere, if he studied abroad... ​That leads to the undeniable question: ​How can ​one have such ​credentials if there is no first chance yet?


Dois Irmaos (two brothers)

​For Lucas, time passed, and art remained a secondary thing in his life. He worked as an art lecturer but he also had to work in restaurants, art stores​ and the like​ to sustain a living. ​Yet that does not hinder his ambitions and dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Siny Ribeiro

You can check his portfolio on deviantart

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Adha! Let's talk about sheep!

Did you have to think of an idea to design a greeting card for Adha, and could think of nothing but sheep? Were you overloaded with sheep in greetings from random people and companies? Well I am not here to do you any favors. On the contrary, I am going to talk about more sheep. Here is a list of 10 non-Adha related sheep illustrations I could get my hands on.

1. Happy Independence day!

Lebanese Independence Day

It is not 22 November yet? Oh! But there are happy sheep in all banners around us. What are they celebrating then?
Illustration by Sareen Akharjalian

2. Sheep Monday.

Sheep Monday

I have no idea why Bruno Laurent called this drawing as such. But hey, I just realized some good news, this Monday is a holiday, so cheer up :D

3. Not good news for everyone.

Watercolor Animals

Is he disguising as a bee? Nice try, I hope it works. No, I truly do. I am more of a chicken fan, and my Adha is more about dates (I am talking about the fruits (tamer) - the only dates I can have with my wife in Eid, is when we're visiting relatives, and time is barely enough to visit them all :p).
Watercolor painting by Zoe Persico

4. It is Eid. Say goodbye to your diet. 

Wonder Cup

Eat everything. And when you feel you just cannot anymore, have some wonder cup. It improves sleep, increases appetite and maximizes strength and stamina. Illustration by Chya Chyi & Teh Pui Hun

5. From Fluffy Sheep to Packaged Meat.

FYP by Rosa Doyle

Now that you are full. It is time to feel bad about it. How could you? They are fluffy and cute. Don't you have a heart? This actually was Rosa Doyle's final year project (#FYP). People look at meat in the supermarket as food without associating it with the cute lambs they used to draw and sing about back in nursery.

6. If you do not feel sorry...

The Godfather Sheep

Meet this Sicilian Sheep by Alam Gómez. He will make you an offer you can't refuse.

7. You missed the reference / joke in the previous illustration?

MTS HDTV from Gael Lendoiro on Vimeo.

Then the sheep was right. You are gonna miss it. And it will hurt so bad.

8. Can you spot the sheep?

Bob Marley

You can stop looking now! There is none. It is an illustration of Bob Marley made with calligraphy patterns. The only sheep in this is the illustrator, Mister Sheep.

9. Count some sheep until you're fast asleep.

Counting Sheep

Hehe I know it rhymes :D I bet now after all these sheep, nothing else is on your mind. So rest assure you have plenty of sheep to count. Goodnight!
illustration by Little Oil

10. If that doesn't help, try getting a better mattress.


I have no clue if they sell good mattresses, but the sheep in their logo looks so cute, no?
designed by LIME design studio and Kathy Burlak

Happy Adha 2014 :D

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