Thursday, October 30, 2014

5+ Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Sure you can buy a costume for Halloween, or use last year's and save some money. But the real fun is to do it yourself. So here are some ideas:

1. Wintercroft Masks

This is not free, but it is cheap and looks very cool. Designer Steve Wintercroft has a whole series of inexpensive geometric mask templates of animals, skulls, stormtroopers (whatever that is) and faces, that you can download, print, and color, on this page:

Skull Mask

2. Bumblebee transformer

Well, you need a crafty dad to do this. We are not giving you instructions on this; we do not know how, but you can try. What this dad came up with is a big proof that with determination, good motives, and in this case a lot of skill, you can do a better costume than any other found out in the market.

3. Go Cute

Be an instagram star in your cyber and real life. Easy! Screenshot your instagram page, enlarge it, print it, and cut a frame out of it. Voila! you are a walking vintage image :p

instagram halloween costume

4. or Go Scary and zombify yourself

Watch this 13min tutorial of how to become a zombie using makeup.

5. Headless

If you are a kid, or an adult who can't go on all coaster rides, you can easily chop your head off and carry it around. You just have to pop your head out of a fake body taller than yours.

Headless Marie Antoinette

Head in a Jar Costume

6. Be lazy

We need to give him credit. I find this rather creative. Do your remember Wilson from Home Improvement? (Does Tim the Toolman Taylor ring a bell? Wilson was his neighbor whose face is always hidden mainly behind a fence)


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