Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Adha! Let's talk about sheep!

Did you have to think of an idea to design a greeting card for Adha, and could think of nothing but sheep? Were you overloaded with sheep in greetings from random people and companies? Well I am not here to do you any favors. On the contrary, I am going to talk about more sheep. Here is a list of 10 non-Adha related sheep illustrations I could get my hands on.

1. Happy Independence day!

Lebanese Independence Day

It is not 22 November yet? Oh! But there are happy sheep in all banners around us. What are they celebrating then?
Illustration by Sareen Akharjalian

2. Sheep Monday.

Sheep Monday

I have no idea why Bruno Laurent called this drawing as such. But hey, I just realized some good news, this Monday is a holiday, so cheer up :D

3. Not good news for everyone.

Watercolor Animals

Is he disguising as a bee? Nice try, I hope it works. No, I truly do. I am more of a chicken fan, and my Adha is more about dates (I am talking about the fruits (tamer) - the only dates I can have with my wife in Eid, is when we're visiting relatives, and time is barely enough to visit them all :p).
Watercolor painting by Zoe Persico

4. It is Eid. Say goodbye to your diet. 

Wonder Cup

Eat everything. And when you feel you just cannot anymore, have some wonder cup. It improves sleep, increases appetite and maximizes strength and stamina. Illustration by Chya Chyi & Teh Pui Hun

5. From Fluffy Sheep to Packaged Meat.

FYP by Rosa Doyle

Now that you are full. It is time to feel bad about it. How could you? They are fluffy and cute. Don't you have a heart? This actually was Rosa Doyle's final year project (#FYP). People look at meat in the supermarket as food without associating it with the cute lambs they used to draw and sing about back in nursery.

6. If you do not feel sorry...

The Godfather Sheep

Meet this Sicilian Sheep by Alam Gómez. He will make you an offer you can't refuse.

7. You missed the reference / joke in the previous illustration?

MTS HDTV from Gael Lendoiro on Vimeo.

Then the sheep was right. You are gonna miss it. And it will hurt so bad.

8. Can you spot the sheep?

Bob Marley

You can stop looking now! There is none. It is an illustration of Bob Marley made with calligraphy patterns. The only sheep in this is the illustrator, Mister Sheep.

9. Count some sheep until you're fast asleep.

Counting Sheep

Hehe I know it rhymes :D I bet now after all these sheep, nothing else is on your mind. So rest assure you have plenty of sheep to count. Goodnight!
illustration by Little Oil

10. If that doesn't help, try getting a better mattress.


I have no clue if they sell good mattresses, but the sheep in their logo looks so cute, no?
designed by LIME design studio and Kathy Burlak

Happy Adha 2014 :D

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