Friday, October 10, 2014

An Artist to Follow from Brazil: Lucas Rafael Desenhista

This series of articles is one that sheds light on artists, designers, craftsmen, and the like. It displays their work, shares their concerns and thoughts.

It is our delight to talk about a 247 square facebook fan from Brazil, Lucas Rafael Desenhista

Lucas Rafael Desenhista Self-portrait

Lucas is a painter, sculptor, animator and a teacher. ​Almost innately, he started off at a very early age. ​However, soon thereafter, his mother got sick, and he and his brother had to look for a job to sustain a living for the family. It was easier for his older brother, but Lucas was only 13 then​,​ which was a challenge. Eventually, he managed to find a small job as a tutor at his own school for other students with difficulties.

Self-portrait of Lucas as a kid

Two years later, he watched the movie Titanic. He gets inspired by Jack (played by Leonardo di Caprio) to draw. He made his first official drawing for a friend, and it was little time before he started getting commissions to draw others. 

Espera (the wait)

But peculiarly enough, and despite his remarkable ​perseverance and self-taught skills, ​Lucas still ​has not made​​ it to local exhibitions. ​Every time he applies, they ask him to fill out a form ​asking him to list other exhibitions, ​whether ​he has mentions somewhere, if he studied abroad... ​That leads to the undeniable question: ​How can ​one have such ​credentials if there is no first chance yet?


Dois Irmaos (two brothers)

​For Lucas, time passed, and art remained a secondary thing in his life. He worked as an art lecturer but he also had to work in restaurants, art stores​ and the like​ to sustain a living. ​Yet that does not hinder his ambitions and dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Siny Ribeiro

You can check his portfolio on deviantart

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