A virtual center that is available anytime and anywhere, 247square triangulates your creative interests and puts them in one place. 247square takes a circle of artists and gathered enthusiasts that want to share their work with the world, and a circle of communities thirsty for the imaginative and intersects the two together. Enough with the mutual exclusive, they make for boring Venn diagrams anyway. It's time to put the creative back into the cultural, and it's time to give the effort being put into this cultural growth the importance that it deserves.

247square does exactly that.

247square wants to witness and explore the true calibre of design and beauty within the daily fabrics of society. To move the works of the passionate hearts from the dim collateral to the boundless quadrilateral. Be it film, music, light, performances, and hell, even mathematics, if you believe that it's creative enough to you, then 247 square is your venue. If, however, you are too shy or don't yet know about us (how could you though?), we will stalk you, discover those talents, and share them on every network, social or otherwise, that comes to your mind.

And to make for a corny ending:
247square is made for you, by you.

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    1. مرحباً أحمد،

      أحببنا أعمالك ولكن نرى أنها كانت لتبدو أكثر جمالاً لو لم تكن رقمية. من الملاحظ أيضاً أنك تدوّن بانقطاع. تواصل معنا عبر المواقع الاجتماعية لساحة ٢٤٧. لنتابع جديدك

      والله يجيب النصر لكل الشعوب المنكوبة

  2. Hello,
    Nice blog.
    I would like to ask you guys if you were interested in writing a review about a Lebanese mobile application?
    Please contact me on danielle@softech-lb.com so I can provide you with a code to download the app for free.
    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Danielle,

      Thank you :) Check your mail, and hopefully we will have the chance to review your app :)


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